Measure of Progress

Progress is a strange thing. It is possible that I write nothing in a day yet feel I have done so much for my creative process. When I find myself trying to stay on task for my writing goals, but feel a little behind just because I have a slow day, I try to remember that every word counts. The ideas percolate in my brain, the images start to coalesce. I'm ready to turn them into plots and characters. There is a story being born,an embryo full of characters that is taking on definition and shape.  I only have to pause at little moments and let the words come. I can't sabotage myself with doubts or distractions. I can't keep time as my enemy. And should I forget, I only need take a deep breath and remember why I write...

Two of my fave lines from a couple of "end of the world" short stories I am working on:

"Did they ever look up and really expect to see us when we dropped down in our ships, the clouds boiling away from the heat of our engines?"
(opening to Behind These Eyes)

"For those who were too far away to hear the radio, the news was read in other ways – bowed heads, clenched jaws, streaming tears, shaking fingers, covered eyes – their worst fears reflected in every face shining dully in the dim red light. "
(from "Inside the Light, Outside of Time")


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