A Single Sentence

Before I get back to completing some already-promised blogs about promoting and editing, I'd like to take some time to look at this past year, so here we go:

C.M. Bratton's Year In Review

I published 3 books and a movie I co-wrote was released both internationally and in the U.S.

The end.

Okay, no, not really. But I wanted to begin my year review by noting that everything I've done can be condensed into a single sentence, as tagline as it were, of the thousands of hours I've spent focused on building my writer career. Like every other worthwhile dream in life, the above sentence represents a long series of tiny steps that built into a tangible reality. To say "3 books and a movie out in 2013" is not to understate the work I've done, but rather, to highlight why I spent so much time working. It's proof that dreams don't need to live in my head along with my as-yet unwritten stories.

Thus, 2013:

Finished writing the final two parts of my first published book, WRAITHLING BORN, a dark fantasy.
Published it in April.
Conceived of, researched, wrote, and edited my science-fiction novel, DEPTHS OF PERCEPTION in six crazy weeks. 
Published it at the end of June.
Designed and ordered cards for C. M. Bratton, Writer.
Started a webpage and a Fan page on Facebook.
Wrote final two chapters and edited third book, PLAN B: ZOMBIE. 
Published it in September.
Attended my first WorldCon, where I met and received great advice from some of my all-time favorite authors.
Participating in a movie writing panel at a film festival for the first time.
Enjoyed watching the movie I co-wrote on the big screen.
Became a vendor selling my books for the first time at 4 events the last third of the year.
Wrote a sequel, PSYCH 101: ZOMBIE, and edited most of it in preparation for publication for 2014.
And finally, SANITARIUM was released December 31st.

All of which brings me to 2014.

I have two books I plan to publish, along with another book and play to write. And possibly some shorter stories. In addition, I plan to attend at least 10 events as a vendor for my books (the list which I will post on my website soon). The graphic novel of "Figuratively Speaking," the first episode in SANITARIUM that I co-authored, will be out in June. And finally, there may be some more movie scripts on the horizon.

Sometimes I think and think about all the work I have left to do, all the projects floating in my head. My sincere desire to get them out and on the page. I think about my plans to return to theatre after my yearlong hiatus, to balance my onstage work with my life between the pages of a new writing project. I feel overwhelmed, and frightened, and worried that I might burn out.

But then I think about all of you. My fans. The emails and reviews and conversations I've had. The people who've followed me and somehow gotten inspired. And I feel so incredibly humbled and grateful for every moment of taking this crazy dream and making it live.

So when I consider 2013, I let my anxiety about the future fall away. Instead, I focus on that simple, single sentence that made every moment worthwhile:

I published 3 books and a movie I co-wrote was released both internationally and in the U.S.

Maybe that single sentence is all that's needed to carry me into this new year.


  1. You keep at it girl! You're inspiring me anyway. :)


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