Updates and Observations

So many wonderful things have been going on that I've fallen behind updating my media outlets lately. Thus, I'd like to begin this blog by sharing several updates.

As of my last blog, I'd just finished publishing two books in one week (what? my mind still hurts to think about it) and was getting ready to participate in a slew of events promoting and selling my books. Well, I am still in the midst of attending events, though after this week, I'll have a few weeks off before the next round. I've also organized my calendar for events for the rest of the year AND planned out my goals in terms of specific word counts for the rest of the year. Here's what I found out - I have enough project already started to take me through the end of next year! I am currently working on a play and a novel - both such separate genres and mediums that the switching back and forth has actually been rather refreshing. I am hoping by September to start working on another book, which I'd like to finish next year along with yet another book. In addition, I have two other books started that I want to work on and possibly get first drafts of finished by end of next year. Not to mention a few short stories here and there. Whoa!

I recently had a Book Signing Event in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Why there? Because my cover designer and models for my zom-com books live there. It was insanely fun to hang out with the models AND have them sign books right alongside me. What did I forget? To have them sign a book for me! Ah, I'm learning.

Another incredible part of the trip includes the five in-studio radio interviews I had. Though I've been interviewed before, it's either been on the phone or as part of a different event. These interviews were purely about my books (and a little about my movie) and they were all extremely different. I had an amazing time and am grateful for the new friends I've made.

At an event just last week, someone said, "Oh! I want to be a writer, too." And if there's anything that's really been part of defining the past month, it's the increase in how many people tell me that. All of them - every single one - have said they don't have either the time or the focus to finish what they write. All I can do is encourage them, for they're right. You need to have self-discipline and carve out time every day to write. You need to stay focused and motivated to finish anything - whether it be a complicated recipe, work-out program, performance, or college course. It is the same with writing. 

Write. Write. Keep writing. Don't stop. Finish. Get it all down. Give yourself something to look at, something to edit, something to revise. Something to throw away and tell yourself what's not working. But please, please, if I can tell you anything, it's this: just write.

Stay motivated, dedicated, disciplined, focused, and just write.

I want to read your stories, too.


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