A Single Sentence, Too

Well, my break from writing extended to even blogs this month, so I'm a bit behind on updates and observations from promoting my books and going to events - though let me say, PROMOTING is one of my biggest goals for 2015.

In the meantime, here it is:

C.M. Bratton's 2014 In Review

I published 5 books and wrote 3 full-length screenplays.

The end.

As with last year, I wanted to begin my year review by noting that everything I've done can be condensed into a single sentence even shorter than the one I wrote last year. Likewise, those 10 words represent thousands of hours I've spent focused on building and sustaining my writer career. I no longer have dreams to be a writer - I am one. Like every other worthwhile dream in life, the above sentence represents a long series of tiny steps that built into a tangible reality. To say "5 books and 3 screenplays" is not to understate the work I've done, but rather, to highlight why I spent so much time working. It's proof that dreams don't need to live in my head along with my as-yet unwritten stories.

Thus, 2014:

Finished editing my zom-com sequel, PSYCH 101: ZOMBIE.
Published it in February.
Finished editing my memoir, VIBRANTLY COLORED.
Published it in February a week after P1Z.
Was contacted by a production company in L.A. Entered into a contract to write the screenplays for a trilogy of movies. In less than two months.
Updated my webpage design.
Conceived of, wrote, and edited HEART: a visceral fantasy, my unexpected homage to Lewis Carroll and fairy tales.
Published HEART in September.
Attended my first big cons.
Participated in a SANITARIUM panel at Alamo City Comic Con with Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Englund, two of the actors in our movie.
Participated in a Comic Book Signing for the Sanitarium comics.
Was a vendor/artist at over a dozen events.
Finally finished writing EVRISKON.
Realized it was too long so cut it into two books.
Edited and published EVRISKON: FUTURE LOST in November.
A week later, published EPILOGUE TO SURVIVAL, a book of apocalyptic short stories related to EVRISKON and DEPTHS OF PERCEPTION.
Started recording my reading of HEART: a visceral fantasy for Audible. 
Returned to theatre to begin rehearsal for a musical.
Published a FREE SAMPLER of all my books in December, which includes a preview of my next book, SAND: THE WAY OUT, Book I of the Dragonlady Trilogy.

Whew. I think that's it.

Last year, my plan was to publish 3 books and write a play. Though I haven't finished that play yet, I'm pretty excited to think that I accomplished nearly all of the goals I set for myself. 

All of which brings me to 2015.

I plan to publish another four books, finish my play, and put all of my current books on Audible. In addition, my own comic - based on PLAN B: ZOMBIE - will be published in February. It is the first of what I hope will be a 24-comic series. And of course, I'm back on stage, my other great passion. I hope to continue to balance between the two.

As for anything else - I'm open to it all.

More than all that, though, I've faced my fears. My anxieties. My disappointments. My near-occasional burnout and high levels of stress. My flares of temper and over-efficiency.

Then I think about you. My fans. Fellow writers. Emails and conversations and new friends. All the incredibly supportive people in my life.

And I know I'm nowhere near ready to give up on this writing thing.

So when I consider 2015, I must first begin by thanking all of YOU. As I've written before, without YOU, there is no ME. Thank you for making every moment worthwhile.

I published 5 books and wrote 3 full-length screenplays.

Yup. That single sentence is all that's needed to carry me into 2015.


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