2015 in Review

Hello all!

I'm back for my yearly review and plan for 2016! Here we go...

I published a comic and 5 books, plus re-released 4 other books (3 of which I received rights back from my former publisher). I also wrote 3 short play scripts, 1 full-length play, and a film script. And I got to finally jump back into theatre and perform in a musical.

Not to mention all the teaching...

Whew! It's so short when I write it like that, but let me say there were many moments of self-doubt, depression, and mental exhaustion. In addition, the same refrain kept popping up every few months - should I continue being a writer? The market is extremely saturated with many authors right now - good and bad - and oftentimes I feel lost in the ocean - just a tiny plankton trying to grow. 

But at my darkest moments, I'd get a review or an email or a message about my work, whether someone really liked my book(s) or was just inspired by my writing. Either way, it kept me plodding away and I'm still here...

So here's the plan for 2016:

a. finish the Dragonlord Trilogy (2 books) and the Dragonlady Trilogy (1).
b. publish two more comics.
c. revise and send out my full-length play.
d. enter script competitions.
e. avoid mental exhaustion!!!

The last one is particularly important, and that's why I'm limiting myself to only 3 books, the outlines of which are complete. Despite the amount of work I did last year, most of it was finished by mid-November, so I've been trying to recharge my batteries. But it's a new year and I'm ready to get back into it. Look for the first book to come out in March/April, the second in July, and the last in November. The comics are up in the air due to a failed crowdfunding attempt, but the year is just beginning, so hopefully those will happen at some point, too. As for the script competitions, wish me luck.

And to those of you who, all unknowingly, sent messages and emails and notes and reviews that lifted me out of my writer's despair - thank you. You're the reason I'm still here.

Happy New Year!


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